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Professional On-Site Fiber Installation

Optical Network Termination Unit

This unit is your key to connectivity to the Salsgiver Optical Network. It handles your internet transport, phone line conversion, and in the future it will also handle High Definition TV signals.

The unit is mounted on your house, usually in the same location as your current Telephone Network Interface Device. The connection to your computer is handled by our experienced technicians. And if you choose Salsgiver VoIP phone service, you use your existing phones and wiring inside your house. There are no modems, filters or converters to purchase or install, and Salsgiver Fiber Optic service installation is FREE.

Actual device to be installed on the exterior of your home or business.

Power supply and battery backup maintains phone and internet service during power outages.
Power Supply Unit (Emergency Power)

This power supply delivers clean power to the outside unit, but it also insures that the you stay connected when your power goes out. Every Salsgiver Fiber customer gets a power supply and backup battery which maintains VoIP phone connectivity for at least 8 hours during extended power outages.