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Salsgiver Fiber Optic service offers low cost, high quality, and extremely reliable Phone, TV and high-speed Internet access.

Fiber optic-based communications have been used for years by government and industry. But now Salsgiver is bringing this leading-edge communications technology to your home or business.

Experience The Difference

Salsgiver outperforms other local Internet and phone service providers by delivering Internet and phone service over the newest, most reliable communications network - Fiber Optics!

Utilizing our own fiber optic network, we can bring you internet speeds that far surpass traditional DSL or Cable services. Internet service that is consistent and reliable, combined with superior phone voice quality, makes Salsgiver Fiber Optic the perfect choice for home and business.

  • Local Support

Salsgiver has been the leading choice for high quality and superior service since 1995. Salsgiver has a long-standing reputation as having the best customer support in the industry. We don't outsource our customer service or technical support - when you call, WE answer!

  • Save Money

By choosing Salsgiver Internet AND VoIP phone services, you can save money every month by eliminating your per minute long distance rates and extra fees for basic features. Saslgiver VoIP phone service includes unlimited local and long distance calling within the continental United States and Canada as well as free Voicemail and Caller ID.

Salsgiver gives you Internet and phone for one low rate - on one bill - with no installation fees, start-up fees or introductory rates that expire and catch you by surprise.

  • Getting Started

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